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The first time we were introduced to the incredible beauty of Elfbeads, we knew they would make a wonderful addition to our bead bracelet lines. Pottery Plus is now one of a very limited number of retailers to offer Elfbeads. Initiated by Paul Krans in 2013, his vision was to create a new bead bracelet brand with different designs in both glass and silver beads. He enlisted Suzanne Slotboom, a fanatic Lampwork Artist with her own glass design studio to join him on his Elfbeads adventure. They started working together to create new glass beads while Paul was taking a short Goldsmith course during the summer to design his own silver beads. By the end of 2013 almost 100 beads were created and the Elfbeads brand was launched. 

From the very beginning, Elfbeads attracted a lot of attention. It was obvious that Paul was headed in an exciting new direction for bead bracelets. Unlike 
other brands, Elfbeads focuses primarily on glass design and produces a smaller collection in order to produce more exclusive designs. Each bead is handcrafted and finished to the highest standard using the best materials and techniques. The premium quality glass beads are made of the best glass from all over the world and are fitted with a universal core to be compatible with all major brand bead bracelets. The silver beads are made from (925) sterling silver and finished to the highest standard.

Quote from the designer Paul Krans:

"Design is different here, as we both think in opposite directions. When I think left and up, Suzanne thinks down and right. It's pure chaos from time to time, but we always end up laughing! But a fact is that when Suzanne and I work together, something magical happens: Out of the chaos rises Elfbeads: Enchanting, Legendary, Fabulous!”

At Pottery Plus, we wholeheartedly agree!

Stop in at Pottery Plus to start your own Elfbeads collection or find that special addition to an existing bead collection! Or visit our Elfbeads New England facebook page for an online selection of beads.